By Kyle Suzuki

Education has always been at the core of Sumida Farm.  Our belief in nourishing the community extends beyond watercress and comes to life through our focus on education.  Grandma Norma Sumida prioritized the education of the third generation of Sumidas and was able to send all four siblings (Charlotte, Stephen, David, and Barbara) to receive a university education.  All four graduated with degrees with two becoming PhDs in their respective fields of study.

 Keiki tours and farm experience 

This same focus on education and giving back to our community is why David Sumida decided to end commercial tours back in the 90s so the farm could instead focus on local school keiki tours.  Over the years, David has given tours to thousands of keiki across the island.  We believe his dedication to educating our youth is why so many people across Hawai'i and now the world have a special relationship and connection with Sumida Farm.  Unfortunately because of health reasons, David had to discontinue our keiki tours, but we have plans to continue on his mission and resume tours again.

 Sumida Farm Experience 

When we have visitors to the farm we provide them with the opportunity to experience and immerse themselves into what we believe makes Sumida Farm a truly unique place.  To see how and where their food is grown, to better understand the history of the land, and the importance of freshwater conservation.  It is important and meaningful for our guests to be able to touch and feel the cold Kalauao Springs and understand how it serves as the lifeblood of our farm.

Sumida Farm Experience

We are a small farm with big dreams.  One of those dreams is restarting our school tours for keiki and providing small guest experiences on the farm.  Until then mahalo for your support and we hope, even if in a limited capacity, our social channels and blog can serve as a way to continue educating the community and allowing others to experience the farm.

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Bobby Coloma

As I kid I always wondered what that patch of green was now I know. I would love to bring my kids to learn and see how watercress is grown. Support local kine tingz 🤙

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