By Kyle Suzuki

The Sumida Farm has always been a source of creative inspiration for the family.  The third generation of Sumidas was filled with unique creatives.  David Sumida was a musician and sculpturist, Barbara Sumida an accomplished oil painter, and Stephen Sumida a writer and actor.  Even Sumidas in the fourth generation have continued the tradition with careers in creative fields.

Oriental Love Ring

David Sumida - Oriental Love Ring

Barbara Sumida

Barbara Sumida - Kū’īlioloa Heiau

Stephen Sumida

Stephen Sumida - American Hwangap

The inspiration from the farm extends beyond the family, but also to the surrounding community.  This past summer, talented artist Glenn Mitsui, visited the farm.  This experience on the farm was the inspiration for his "Stone Pathways" artwork.  We love this beautiful piece, capturing an important, but not always recognized aspect of Sumida Farm, the stone pathways that connect our farm.  Mahalo Glenn for creating this beautiful piece and video and for allowing us to share the inspiration you found on the farm with the community.  Make sure to check out more of Glenn's work at Mitsui Creative


 Glenn Mitsui - Stone Pathways


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