By Kyle Suzuki

We truly believe the most valuable resource on Sumida Farm are our dedicated employees, especially our field crew.  Their knowledge, perseverance, and dedication to the farm is why Sumida Farm is able to continue to grow, harvest, and nourish the islands with our fresh watercress.  A new tradition on the farm is to host an all hands farm lunch prepared by Chef Chris Fujimoto.  This is an opportunity for him to share some of his latest watercress creations with the people directly responsible for growing and harvesting that same watercress.  This lunch is truly a farm to farm table experience with watercress harvested just minutes before the meal prep began--it doesn't get any fresher than that! 


To kickoff our very first all hands farm lunch, Chef Chris created an innovative yet simple meal.  Our goal was to serve something delicious, light, and re-energizing for our workers' midday lunch break. The lunch served was his take on korokke (Japanese croquettes) containing sweet potato, charred Ewa corn, 'ulu flour, and fresh watercress served with spicy mayo dipping sauce, watercress gomae, watercress salad with pickled watercress dressing, and a watercress pineapple soda.

watercress salad

Watercress Salad

Fresh Sumida Farm watercress / Sensei Farms lettuce / Aloha Tofu / local Taegu / Ho Farm tomatoes / local Japanese cucumber / fried rice paper / pickled watercress dressing

 watercress croquettes

Watercress Croquettes
Sweet potato / charred Ewa corn / Sumida Farm watercress / spicy mayo / pickled red onion and ginger


watercress goma ae
Watercress Gomae
Sumida Farm watercress / toasted sesame / hon dashi


watercress drink
Watercress Soda
Sumida Farm watercress simple syrup / Sprite / pineapple juice / lime juice


Not only did the meal turn out great, but it was a great opportunity for the team to connect over a shared meal.  Everyone on the farm is excited to establish this new Sumida Farm tradition and already looking forward to our next all hands farm meal.

happy Franco


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